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Username: AEC Dory Person


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Location: Corpus Christi, Texas (USA)

Date Joined: Nov 28 2004

Personal Bio: Hello everyone, i'm THE AEC DORY PERSON!!! (lol). My real first name is Alan. As you might have noticed, yes i'am a Dory person. I love Dory just as much as I have liked some other fictional characters I had came upon in the past. Eh, I tend to spend soo many hours researching on a character like that. And sometimes I get into trouble doing it because i'm doing it when I suppose to be doing more important things than that (But I feel good with it in mind). But if ya don't get what i mean there, that's okay :) . I also like to take pictures of funny things I do sometimes to my Dory Plush I have in my room. Shiny Dory and she's about the same she is in the movie to :D ! Anyways, The things I like to do is I like to be on my Laptop alot(just about everyday experimenting with stuff), play video games, watch News, examine weather in my area and around the Nation, and be with my friends or chat with em on the Net whenever possible. My interests are of two Scientific/Technological things, Meteorology and Computer Animation. And as where i'am right now I have more knowledge about Meteorology than Computer Animation. And i'm still uncertain which one is going to be top. But that will soon change. Might even major into both if that be a a big challenge for me. Ya can E-Mail or IM me about anything ya want especially if it's about Dory! :p. Just don't plan to E-Mail me any SPAM or Viruses, okeydokey?. Oh, and Dory definitely RROOOCCCCKKKKKSSSS!!!


"can't remember diddly!":

Dory: "Can't remember Diddly!"

MSN Messenger:

Yahoo!: aecsf1

AIM: aec3679

I am currently offline. My current mood: Sad
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