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Username: Bigfan05

Email: Private

Total Posts: 422

Location: England

Date Joined: Jul 1 2005

Personal Bio: Hi there :). Well what can I tell you 'bout myself then, um other than the fact that there's not much because, well I'm a bit boring. Anyway I don't have many interests, but I do like doing Japanese puzzle books, which I can't do too much because I start getting headaches and dizzy. I also spend the majority of the afternoon, evening and nights oh and sometimes during the morning on my computer on the internet and sometimes playing games. I also sometimes love fixing puzzles. As for tv, I don't hardly watch it anymore, because there doesn't seem to be much that keeps my interest anymore. I'd say I watch about an hour a day at the most on average. I like to watch things like my local news programmes, Braniac Science Abuse, Top Gear and a couple of movies I love on Disney Cinemagic. I don't watch movies hardly either. I have a load of dvds but can be bothered to dig them out and put them in the player. I am looking forward to seeing Happy Feet, but still have to wait til December which is when it comes out in the UK unless I win tickets to the UK premiere this month (here's hoping). Anyway that's about all I can think of so buh-bye then!

I am currently offline. My current mood: Happy
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