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Username: Colonel Potter

Email: Private

Total Posts: 300

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Location: Korea!

Date Joined: Apr 28 2003

Personal Bio: I came from my Hometown Hannibal, Missouri. Named after the famous General William 'T' Sherman, My father. I left home at 15 to join the cavalry. After serving in the first world war I was inspired by my Uncle Roy, who was a veterinarian, to study medicine and become an army doctor. I became a surgeon in 1932. Mrs Potter and I have a son Cory who is a dentist and a grand daughter Cheryl Pershing Potter. My son-in-law, Bob Wilson, is a traveling salesman. My favorite author is Zane Gray. My Hero is Abraham Lincoln. To relax I look after my horse and paint.

Contact Email::

I am currently offline. My current mood: Overworked
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