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Username: Dory the Jenny-fish


Total Posts: 1016

Location: Stuck in the Jellyfish forest coz Dory led us the wrong way!

Date Joined: Dec 28 2003

Personal Bio: I'm Jenny but you can call me Jenny-fish cause I prefer it! So there! Anyways, I am some sort of gothic-blue-velvet-damselfish. I seem like I'm always depressed but I like to cheer people up coz it upsets me to see other people sad. I like Finding Nemo, obviously, and other things like........ghosts, skulls, The Grim Reaper, Pirates, graveyards, Monty Python, Cartoons, my blood, Johnny Depp, all music (and I mean ALL music!), movies and fame! I plan to become a celebrity fish some day and I will stick to it! One day I will change my name to 'Pisces Chao-Tory' which means the great winning fish! Then I will become the greatest living Famous fish in the world! Muwahahahahaha! I shall be more famous than Nemo!

I am currently offline. My current mood: Grieving
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