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Username: FilKiFan

Email: Private

Total Posts: 258

Location: at the ZIM/KP bar

Date Joined: Jan 8 2004

Personal Bio: Well, now your reading about me, FilKiFan. I'm an interesting person. You must earn your respect around me. I like many TV shows, including: Kim Possible, Invader ZIM, Radio Free Roscoe, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Daria (MTV and The-N), Fairly Oddparents, All Grown Up, Monk, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. I like many things, including: Watching TV, Working on the computer, Mac Emulation, Writing, Drawing, Playing Tennis, Designing Websites, and Recording Live TV. Contact: FilKiFan on TV Tome and Middleton Mania, JTn64gba! on Emuscene, Jedi Knight II Multiplayer and the ffmpegX forums, mlMac 2 on the mlMac Forums, and RonNaco on "Dreams really do come true. Especially when you put your mind to it. Also, watch KP, people!" - Me Yes, I was RonNaco on KPC. That site almost killed my KP addiction. And you may have noticed my email address. I made this so I would not get spam. EDIT: Plus, this is not my mail address currently.

AIM: dudeofanyplanet3

ICQ: 258587045


YIM: invaderblue37

I am currently offline. My current mood: Thrilled
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