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Username: KDI_Webmaster

Email: Private

Total Posts: 630

Location: U.S.A.

Date Joined: Jan 24 2003

Personal Bio: Also known as Brown Recluse; Erich; Eternity; Danger; Danger Direwolf; David Wade; Henry Blake; Hokey Doodles; JimBob; Kaptain Doom; KD; KD__TKPE; Kennard MacEnzie; Knucklehead; KoDy; Kool Death; KorbenDirewolf; Korbie Direwolf; Korporate Devil; Lil' Devil; Lovey; MacEnzie Direwolf; Marvin of Marklar; Ramius Direwolf; Rincewind the Wizzard; RunsWithScissors; Samurai MacEnzie; Sanders; Stanley Sabretooth; Thanatos; Tirillian; Tony Direwolf and/or Trickster.

I am currently offline. My current mood: Paranoid
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