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Username: Mane Tyme Morgans


Total Posts: 1107

Location: Maine

Date Joined: Aug 10 2002

Personal Bio: Hi i am Cheryl owner of Mane Tyme Morgan Horse Farm. We currently own 4 Morgans: Mane Tyme Nikolas 88 D bay Stallion Maine Lee Olympia 85 D bay Broodmare Mane Tyme Meadowbrook 95 B bay Broodmare/ Mane Tyme Poseidon 97 Ch Gelding They are trained western pleasure, hunt seat and pleasure driving. They are bred to be family horses. We are located in Vassalboro, Maine. The farm has a 9 stall barn, 110 X 60 outside riding ring, Individual paddock are under construction. We have 75 acres of land for trail riding. Trails are being blazed now. What do we have to offer? We only raise Morgan Horses. Our main objective is to promote the Morgan breed and make the public know what these incredible horses are and what they can do. We give riding lessons and do have a Morgan horse youth and adult group. Our stallion stand at stud to the public. We breed grade Morgans as well as Registered Morgans. We have foals for sale at all times. I have AOL, Yahoo (ManeTymeMorgans) ICQ 69845751 MSN

I am currently offline. My current mood: Excited
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