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Username: Marcus Flamiel

Email: Private

Total Posts: 1102

Location: Michigan

Date Joined: Dec 11 2002

Personal Bio: First I want to acknowledge Theresa for creating such an Awesome community! I am in my thirties, 38 actually. I have been gaming since I was 13. I discovered Amber, well actually Amber discovered me in 1995. I was taking a couple of classes at the local junior college. One was a writting class. The instructor was not much older than myself and fresh from college. One day after class we started talking about books we were reading and stuff like that. He asked if I played role playing games, to which of course, I said I did. He then asked if I had ever heard of Roger Zelazny or the Amber Chronicles. I had not heard Roger's name before, but the Chronicles sounded familiar. Well he proceeded to tell me a little about it, and by the time he was finished, he had me asking to borrow the books. He brought them to the next class and that's when he told me about the ADRPG. He said the group he played with just lost a player and they may want to fill that spot. Well I hadn't actually done any role playing for a couple of months at that point so I jumped at the chance. I went and sat in on one of their sessions and by the time I left I had my first Amber Character. And the rest is history.

I am currently offline. My current mood: Headphone_Heaven
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