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Username: Renee Marst


Total Posts: 139

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Location: Westmont, Illinois

Date Joined: Aug 27 2002

Personal Bio: Hm. I hate writing these out as is evident on my personal website. Let's see. Born and raised in Illinois, just outside of the city of Chicago. Can't wait to move in a few years, either. I'm 5'4", weigh 110 pounds, I have grey-blue eyes and auburn hair. I'm divorced with 4 children whom I take of on my own, currently seeking a new job and I go to college part time. My major is Ad, Illustration, & Design and I have two minors: one in journalism and one in art. Made the deans honor roll every quarter since going back to college. Likes: Way too many to list but here are a few: Reading, writing, spending time with my kids, movies, comics, travel, meeting new people, chocolate. Dislikes: Wow, this list is probably as long as my likes list. Here are few: Lies, mean people suck, fake emotions, deceit, highschool games, never discuss religion or politics.... Anyways, I can't really think of anything else to add.

My real life pic:


MSN: The Sassy Wench

AIM: AngelOfDezyre

I am currently offline.
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