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Username: Xim

Email: Private

Total Posts: 74

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Location: Aurora Quest

Date Joined: Jun 4 2003

Personal Bio: Hey there. Unless you haven't guessed yet, my name is Xim. Surname being Vicious. Sounds like Sid Vicious, doesn't it? Yes it does. Don't argue with me, you. Well, unless you clicked this link by accident, you're most likely still reading this, so I should probably think of something else to say. Uh.. well, I like small, furry animals, and on the weekends, I enjoy voulunteering at the retirement home and walking down the beach at sunset. And I also like to violently rip apart anyone who steals my mayonnaise, and a favorite pasttime of mine is plotting to take over the world. I'm roughly 18, and in my spare time, I like to play videogames, draw, play Basketball, and write little short stories and novels no one will ever read. My favorite game is probably Final Fantasy Tactics. I'm pretty good at drawing, better than most people I know, but I just do it for fun. I'm not too serious about it, or anything else for that matter. I play Basketball a lot, because it's the only sport I don't suck at. Which makes up for the others, because I am pretty good. I can beat all my friends for sure, but that's not saying much, because 95% of my closest friends are a bunch of lazy asses. I'm not on a team, because, again, Xim just wants to have fun. Like that song by Cyndi Lauper. I'm writing a book now. It's my first attempt at making a real novel, so let's hope I finish it before I'm 34. I'm a secret board hunter on GameFAQs. Chances are, you don't know what that is, just pretend you do so the other kids won't think you're weird.

Hair: Brown, some blond from when I was younger, really long in the front, short in the back. I've also got a pathetic excuse for a beard, which is oddly black. Brown, Blond, and Black. I'm a freak.

Eyes: Blue, but they almost look green. Kinda hazy on the edge of them, but for the most part, really bright and noticeable. Gotta love contradictions. They practically glow when the lights are dim.

Gender: Male

Favorite Food: Mayonnaise

Favorite Beverage: Mayonnaise

Weapon of Choice: Christmas Ham

Occupation: None at the moment. But I have had quite a few in the past. Let's just say I have an extensive collection of hair nets and name tags.

Favorite Band: Goo Goo Dolls

Favorite Movie Star: Mayonnaise

Email: (I don't use the one I signed up with.)

I am currently offline.
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