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Username: wuvpatrick*453

Email: Private

Total Posts: 775

Location: ....why you want to stalker!:)

Date Joined: Dec 13 2004

Personal Bio: Im really into everything... First off,I am a girl I like rock,Slipknot,,SystemOf The Down,an many other bands. I like dogs the most to. I like video games like fighting, raceing, etc..most with action. My favorite is KingdomHearts!! Im not a really a nerd at school but what does it matter, I'm passing all my classes!My favorite sport is vollyball. I have alot of friends at school and enjoy Spongebob alot!My favorite charecter is Patrick Star! Yay for my favorite charecter!My favorite class in school is probably my 5th period Spanish! Hoped you enjoyed reading what I liked!..Okay now you can leave my profile.

I am currently offline. My current mood: Silly
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